SWME Featured in Medical MeetingsNet

SWME is proud to be featured in an online article published by MeetingsNet. Titled, "Global Trends in CME/CPD," the article describes key information and trends in Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) presented by the Rome CME-CPD Group at their recent annual meeting. 
Read the following excerpt from the article: 
"Doctors and other healthcare professionals now have greater access to science and knowledge generated throughout the world, and continuing medical education/continuing professional development providers are increasingly looking beyond national borders for new audiences. Consequently, regulations, CME/CPD accreditation, and new technologies and methodologies raise questions about international standards and the need for a common language among stakeholders."
The Rome CME-CPD Group and the Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange, or SWME, are seeking answers to questions raised by the globalization of medical meetingsand paving the way for global understanding through the development of new guidelines and educational resources. Here are some of the key topics addressed during the Rome CME-CPD Group annual meeting, which was supported by the SWME, and a webinar held earlier this year.