Unique Partnership to Improve Global Health Care Delivery

The Society For Worldwide Medical Exchange
 and Evimed Form Global Medical Education Partnership

Unique partnership aims to improve health care delivery worldwide by increasing physician access to critical continuing medical education programs through breakthrough online technologies and new educational models.

Miami, Florida (October 7, 2013). The Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange (SWME), an international non-profit organization dedicated to the continuing education of physicians worldwide, announces a global partnership with EviMed, Latin America’s leading provider of continuing medical education (CME) and online education technology. The partnership will strengthen SWME’s humanitarian efforts to address chronic and infectious diseases worldwide.

The collaboration between SWME and EviMed will greatly enhance SWME’s educational programs through the introduction of pioneering online technologies and new methodologies in CME. New blended educational programs delivered by SWME and EviMed will give doctors the unique opportunity to access programsin person and online. The model has been recently used by EviMed to realize a blended regional course for the World Gastroenterology Association in Latin America. The goal is to breakdown the geographical, financial and linguistic barriers that prevent doctors from accessing critical knowledge and science produced by leading medical associations, hospitals and universities around the world.

Real-time, interactive web-based teaching and networking platforms delivered by SWME and EviMed give doctors anywhere in the world the ability to attend world-class medical education programs, share knowledge and best practices and network at a global level. Enriched meta-tagging of educational videos, a new proprietary educational technology developed by EviMed, allows doctors to navigate indexed videos to freely explore content and quickly find the most important scientific topics. Finally, EviMed’s interactive multimedia clinical simulations allow doctors to follow concrete medical cases and make decisions that affect a virtual patient, a technique that was recently used by EviMed to enhance the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) online Dengue course in Uruguay. The CDC continues to implement this program as part of their regional efforts to eradicate Dengue Fever across Latin America.

SWME’s humanitarian programs focus on improving health care delivery in developing countries, particularly in disadvantaged and/or rural communities, and to expand education in key disease areas together with global medical society leaders. SWME recently provided funding to support the Movement Disorder Society’s, “Neurology Training for Non-Neurologists,” which took place in Accra, Ghana in September 2013.

The partnership will also expand the reach of SWME’s Knowledge Leadership programs, which unite world-renowned medical experts through multidisciplinary forums for discussion and exchange of relevant information across specialties.  Online education platforms will provide a unique opportunity for medical experts and scientific leaders across the world to connect, cooperate and share medical knowledge while producing exclusive content to be published in recognized medical journals and shared for the benefit of medical and scientific communities.