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Join us for Hepatitis C in 2014: Diagnosis and Treatment, an interactive online course for Latin America.

This course is jointly organized by the WGO Porto Alegre Hepatology Training Center (Hospital de Clínicas in Porto Alegre, Brazil) and the Cátedra de Gastroenterología, Prof. Dr. Henry Cohen, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República in Uruguay, with the support of the Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange (Miami, USA).

This will be a two-month interactive online course focused on clinical practice.

Launch Event: August 20, 2014
Online Coursework: August 20 – October 10, 2014

This course will consist of 26 study hours.

Course Overview 

This course includes study materials specifically designed for this activity: articles, videoconferences, clinical cases for resolution –in groups and individually– and simulators of clinical cases.

The course will be bilingual in Spanish and Portuguese. The flexibility of the online program allows participants to log on anywhere in Latin America and at any time, to discuss clinical cases with their colleagues in the region and world-renowned experts.

The course aims to establish the foundations for a professional community of physicians in the region who manage patients with Hepatitis C.


Course Directors

Mario Reis Alvares-da-Silva (Brazil)
Henry Cohen (Uruguay)

International Faculty 

Sanjeev Arora (USA)
Helena Cortez-Pinto (Portugal)
Heiner Wedemeyer (Germany)

Regional Faculty 

Paulo Abrao Ferreira (Brazil)
Flair Carrilho (Brazil)
Maria Cassia Mendes-Correa (Brazil)
Henry Cohen (Uruguay)
Hugo Faimboim (Argentina)
Adrián Gadano (Argentina)
Nelia Hernández (Uruguay)
David Kershenobich (Mexico)
Claudia Oliveira (Brazil)
Edison Parise (Brazil)
Mario Reis Alvares-da-Silva (Brazil)
Themis Reverbel da Silveira (Brazil)
Federico Villamil (Argentina)


Daniela Chiodi (Uruguay)
Matheus Michalczuk (Brazil)
Adriana Sánchez (Uruguay)
Raquel Scherer de Fraga (Brazil)


  • Introduction, focused in the situation of Latin America
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Treatment of mild to moderate disease
  • Treatment of advanced disease
  • Treatment in special populations
  • Management of adverse effects
  • Liver transplant
  • Innovative models for the management of these patients: the ECHO project


This course will have a high impact in professional practice, therefore contents shall be treated through discussion and resolution of clinical cases, in groups and individually. It shall include study materials and activities which were specifically designed for this course, including:

  • Articles
  • Audiovisual aids
  • Videoconferences
  • Group discussion forums
  • Interactive simulators of clinical cases

Target Audience

  • Hepatologists
  • Gastroenterologists
  • Infectologists
  • Clinicians
  • Other specialists of Latin America, who are or will be responsible for the management of patients

Registration Fees 

Physicians: USD 100
Residents: USD 75