About the Red Book for Medical Meetings
The Red Book for Medical Meetings is an international compendium of pharmaceutical codes, continuing medical education/continuing professional development (CME/CPD) systems and health authorities. The project has been developed by the Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange and has been endorsed by the Rome CME-CPD Group. 
Built with the aim of transparency and efficiency in planning medical education events, the Red Book for Medical Meetings is the go-to-guide for meeting planners, academic institutions and CME/CPD providers. The resource currently features information on over 100 countries, with topics ranging from sponsorship limitations on class of service, length of stay, expenditure on meals, whether or not CME/CPD is required or voluntary for physicians and the name and contact information for the primary national health authority.
  • Promote transparency, efficiency and quality in CME/CPD activities
  • Reduce conflict and confusion by having one centralized go-to resource for medical meeting compliance at a global level
  • Educate medical meeting stakeholders about CME/CPD systems around the world
  • Support global medical exchange by empowering medical meeting organizers to make informed decisions in implementing their events
  • Facilitate transparent auditing and productive dialogue with international and national authorities
The Red Book for Medical Meetings is an open-content style resource. The goal of the project is to compile a common source of information that is helpful to all stakeholders in the medical meetings community. Please be advised that while the information is being reviewed and updated on a regular basis, the Red Book for Medical Meetings cannot guarantee the validity of the information.
To ensure quality control, each article of content contains detailed references and links to the original source.